Athens Taxis

The most obvious solution is the thousands of yellow taxis that drive around Athens. They are easy to spot and you will always find them near points of interest. The drivers in yellow taxis have a meter, so make sure it’s running when you get into the vehicle and, if necessary, ask the driver to switch it on.

Do not accept flat rates in Athens, they are rarely worth it. For your information, a ride of less than 10 minutes should not cost you much more than 5€ during the day. On the other hand, ask for the flat rate from the airport, they are cheap (35€ airport – Athens city centre by day, 49€ by night).

Private Transfers

Do you need to book a taxi in Athens, when you arrive at the airport, at one of the Athens ports, or at your hotel for example? Save yourself the last minute stress. This solution ensures safety and serenity for a few extra euros (€39 for a transfer from the airport to the city centre). It is therefore ideal for travellers.

A number of private companies offer transfers. We have tested several of them and finally selected Welcome PickUps for their reliability, prices and convenience.

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Some extra info

to go to or from the athens airport: we systematically book a vehicle with Welcome PickUps. The service is great. The drivers are on time, English speaking. They wait directly at the exit of the plane. It’s very convenient. In short, no stress, it’s the most comfortable solution.

to get around the city centre of Athens: we choose the yellow taxis, it’s the cheapest solution
to get home from a party or from a place where there are few taxis: we book a taxi with the Beat-Ride app (also called “taxi Beat”). It’s done in two clicks, no need to look for a taxi in the street. is a COPYSCAPE protected website ©, 2022.
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