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Fraport Greece presented its plans for the development of Santorini AirportSantorini Airport

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CEO: Stefan Schulte (Sep 1, 2009–)

Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

Revenue: 2.935 billion EUR (2017)

Number of employees: 20,673 (2017)

Founded: 1924

It is planned to build a new fire station, to expand and remodel the terminal and reorganize the aircraft parking space. In total, an increase of 235% will be achieved in the total area of ​​the terminal, which will amount to 15,640 sq. m. by replacing a part of the existing and erecting a new one. At the same time, significant interventions will be made to improve service quality, including: 112% increase in check-in stations, 100% increase in baggage areas, 20% increase in total gateways, 250% increase in security check points of the airport.

On the occasion of the event, Alexander Zinell, managing director of Fraport Greece, said: “We are very pleased to be here today to discuss the future of Santorini Airport. The unparalleled beauty and unique scenery of Santorini touches every year more and more people from all over the world, giving them unforgettable memories.

The uniqueness of Santorini inevitably sets the bar high: Our goal is the travel experience of every person visiting the island to be worthy of its beauty by completing its particularly positive image to the whole world. Santorini Airport will become another key element of the island’s world renown in a few years. The potential for tourism development on the island is enormous.

Therefore, we have to create the necessary infrastructure and modernize existing ones, so that it is possible to serve the modern needs of the travelers. We have already made significant interventions to improve the operation of the airport and we do our best to ensure that the services that travelers enjoy are continually improving.

Our allies in this effort are the local carriers and we would like to thank them all. Together, we will work hard, with a plan and a strategy in mind, so that Santorini acquires the airport it deserves.”