Santorini Airport Bus
Santorini Airport Bus
Santorini Airport Bus

Santorini Airport Bus

Your first order of business in Santorini will be getting from the airport to your final destination. Santorini has a special Airport Express Bus, which runs a direct route to Santorini’s main town of Fira. With no other stops, the ride takes only 10 minutes, and will only cost you €1.80.

You’ll find the bus stop just outside of the arrivals area of the airport, and you can easily buy tickets on the bus (cash only). These buses also have storage compartments above the seats and below the cabin, so you won’t have to worry about your luggage.

Fira acts as a hub for many of Santorini’s bus routes, so if you’re not staying in Fira, it’s an easy transfer to your final route. In order to do so, just buy another ticket on your next bus. It’s important to note that the Airport Express Bus only runs during the day, but there is another route that runs from Monolithos to Fira, stopping at the airport.

Bus Stop outside of the arrivals area.

Santorini Airport Bus Timetable

Starting Point Destination Departure Return
Fira Airport 05:30 06:10
Fira Airport 06:30 06:40
Fira Airport 07:10 07:20
Fira Airport 10:00 10:10
Fira Airport 11:00 11:10
Fira Airport 12:00 12:10
Fira Airport 13:00 13:10
Fira Airport 14:00 14:10
Fira Airport 15:30 16:40
Fira Airport 17:00 17:10
Fira Airport 18:00 18:10
Fira Airport 19:00 19:10
Fira Airport 20:00 20:10
Fira Airport 21:00 21:10
Fira Airport 22:15 22:25

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Santorini Airport

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