Santorini: Small decrease in international airline seats for 2024

Santorini: Small decrease in international airline seats for 2024

A slight decrease of 3.9%, compared to 2023, is shown in the number of international flight seats to Santorini for 2024, according to data released by the Institute of the Hellenic Tourism Business Association (INSEETE).

Most passengers will come to Santorini this year from the UK (261,484), down 2.6% from last year. They are followed by Italians (161,977) with a 4.8% decrease and the French (137,764) with a 7.1% decrease.

Passengers from Germany (60,777) increased by 17.2%, from Switzerland (35,898) by 14.4%, from Austria (29,637) by 35.2% and from Spain (23,778) by 36.2%.

Passengers from Ireland (20,284) and the Netherlands (20,223) follow at about the same level as last year.

Passengers from Poland (16,925) decreased by 7.8%, while Finns (13,977) increased by 9.3%, Romanians (13,800) by 27.7% and Belgians (11,232) by 14.3%.

Passengers from Israel (8,151) are down 59.9%, Hungary (6,931) down 3.3%, the United Arab Emirates (6,502) down 47.3% and the Czech Republic (5,328) down 19.5%.

There will be an increase from Norway (3,348) at 5.9%, Denmark (2,748) at 25.1%, Sweden (1,881) at 1.1% and Bulgaria (1,184) at 228.9%.

Passengers from Cyprus (2.440) show a decrease of 2

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