Santorini Airport Taxi
Santorini Airport Taxi
Santorini Airport Taxi

Santorini Airport Taxi

The taxi rank of Santorini International airport is located outside the passenger terminal 1. The Taxis are available when the airport is operating.

There are fixed prices between the airport and various places on the island, and they – or you, too – may consult the price table.

Many hotels in Santorini offer airport transfers, usually for a fee that’s more than a taxi would charge you, but some may find it worth it for the convenience.

The taxi rank of Santorini airport is located outside the terminal building. Taxis are available when the airport is operating.

Taxi fare from the airport to the city center of Fira is approximately 15-20 euros. Phone no: +30 22860-22860, 22555

Do not forget to always be aware of the cost of the route before entering the taxi.

In the high season (May to October) will be very difficult to find one without reservation you may have to wait a while for a taxi to come.

To Pre-book your Santorini Airport Taxi please click here

Taxi rank location in Santorini Airport. Remember to pre-book your taxi, there are only 39 taxis for about 200.000 tourists on the island at any given time and sometimes it will be impossible to find one

Santorini Airport Taxis Mini Guide

Santorini is a big hit with travelers, and there are hotels and accommodation in many of the island’s villages. All these options can make it a bit confusing to get to your final destination, but luckily, it’s rather easy to get a taxi from the airport to take you wherever you need to go. While Santorini does have a bus network, it’s often quite busy and requires long wait and transfer times, and will usually only stop at a designated spot in each village. Traveling by taxi is by far the most efficient way to get to your hotel, as your driver can take you as close as possible to your hotel, and can help you get your bags inside. Plus, it’s a much quicker journey than taking the bus.

How to Get a Taxi at Santorini Airport

Taxis are easily accessible, with a designated taxi stand just outside the arrivals area at the airport. There’s also a ATM nearby if you need to get local currency. To get a taxi, just wait in line in the designated area, and you can get a ride with the next available taxi. You should be able to get a ride within a reasonable amount of time, but it can depend on how busy the airport is when you arrive. With lower crowds, your wait time should be under five minutes. However, if the airport is busy, you could wait upwards of half an hour. If you’re traveling solo or in a group of two, your driver may ask you to share the ride with another small group, especially if lines are long. However, sharing the taxi does not mean you will get a split fare. Both parties will still pay the full fare.

How Much Does a Taxi Cost at Santorini Airport

Taxis from Santorini airport don’t run on flat rates, like in larger Greek cities. All taxis here run on a meter, so the cost of your taxi will depend on how far you need to travel. Cities like Fira, Kamari and the Ferry Port are quite close to the airport, so your fare will be around €20-25 for a 15-20 minute drive. Traveling further away to cities like Oia and New Port will take around 30 minutes, and cost about €30-40. If you are bringing lots of luggage, you may also have to pay an extra fee. You’ll also be limited to four people per car, so you may have to split up your group if you are traveling with more people. Fares also increase at night between 1:00am and 5:00am, so keep that in mind if you’ll be arriving late at night.

How to Order a Taxi in Advance

Waiting for a taxi can be a hassle, so pre-booking transfers is a great way to make your arrival in Santorini smoother. Many hotels can order a taxi for you, or you can book a shuttle bus or car transfer online. This can take some of the hassle out of getting from place to place when you first arrive. Private transfers will naturally cost more than a regular taxi, but onine services can get you to Fira for €35 or Oia for €47.

Santorini Airport Taxi FAQ

Fira is located about 5.8 kilometers (or roughly 3.6 miles) from the airport, and this journey should take about 15 minutes. If you’re in the taxi at quiet times on the road, such as early morning, it might be faster but the ride may be longer at rush hour and other busy times.

All of the taxis that pick up at Santorini Airport have tables that show you the flat rates to get to certain locations on the island, and fares to other places are agreed to before the ride starts.

You can expect this trip to cost between €15 and €20 to get downtown, but the actual cost could be even higher depending on the location of your hotel or other accommodation

By law, taxis that pick up from Santorini Airport are not allowed to have more than four passengers plus the driver. If there are more than four people in your traveling group, you should instead get another taxi for whoever cannot fit in the first car.

No, there are only a few dozen taxis operating on the island and they only service the airport when flights are landing or taking off, so it will be difficult to find a taxi outside of these hours.

Yes, you can call taxi companies before your journey to Santorini begins and book a pickup from the airport for when your flight lands. This approach is recommended between the months of May to October when many tourists visit and demand for taxis reaches its peak.

Many taxi drivers may tell you they cannot accept credit cards for payment, so you should plan on having enough Euros to pay for the ride. There’s an ATM located near to the taxi pickup area outside the airport if you need to get some cash before the taxi departs.

You are not required to give any kind of tip to your taxi driver, but if you think that you received a safe, fast and fairly priced ride then you can tip them in Euros, typically about 10 percent of the final fare. Don’t tip if you think the ride was overpriced or unsafe.

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Santorini Airport

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